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This honey’s color is light, almost pale, with a delicate flavor. It is not as sweet as other types of honey. “What is alfalfa?”, you may ask. It is a pretty bluish purple flowering legume that blooms during the summer months.

An interesting thing about alfalfa is that it takes work for the bees to get the nectar from the flower.

The way the flower is designed, when the bees try to get the nectar, they have to really look for it as it is hidden from them. The bee has to put its head against the flower petal, and then the flower hits the bee in the face. Talk about “taking it on the chin.” 🙂 But, they learn to deal with it. Alfalfa honey is also heavy as compared to other types of honey.

Best Uses for Alfalfa Honey:

This honey is an excellent ingredient in homemade vinaigrettes, sauces and salad dressings due to its mild taste and grassy undertones. It goes well with cheeses, particularly Brie, and it is great drizzled over yogurt or warm waffles or biscuits.

Health Benefits of Alfalfa Honey:
Helps with anemia
Fever reducer
Pain reducer
Nerve calmer
Lowers blood cholesterol
Good for diabetes

Clover Alfalfa raw honey from Laveen, AZ 32oz

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