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Mesquite Honey. Mesquite Honey is slightly floral and pleasantly mild, and is very light in color as it actually happens to be our lightest honey in both flavor and color out of our varietals. Our Mesquite Honey is harvested by our beekeeper friends from the Sonoran Desert.

Mesquite honey is a light, mild-tasting honey, and very delicious. This honey crystalizes more quickly than perhaps any other, at times seeming to crystalize virtually overnight. This is why if you look for raw mesquite honey on the Internet, nearly all of the pictures show it in crystalized form. Commercial beekeepers have to pay extra attention to not let mesquite honey cool when extracting it. Mesquite honey has been known to actually crystalize during the middle of extracting, leaving the beekeeper with solid honey stuck inside the piping and tanks! When it is in its liquid form – which is almost never – raw mesquite honey has a thick, almost chewy texture.

5 Gallon Mesquite Honey (this item is not available for shipping)

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