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Delicious Honeycomb PURE RAW NATURAL Chunk honey, made with WILDFLOWER honey. 


 It is Honeycomb and extracted WILDFLOWER honey in a glass jar.

A glass jar of chunk honey is a joy to the senses: sight (it's beautiful), taste (completely delicious), and smell (just heavenly!) 

*Fine Gourmet Foods for *Someone Special
*Ideal Holiday Gift
*Premium Taste

We Make our chunk honey by cutting a chunk of comb honey from the beehives. We then place this chunk honey into the hex jar and pour wildflower honey over it. 

Natural pure and raw honey. Preserving the pollen and enzymes.

 RAW Honey

* Contains propolis, pollen
* Full of B vitamins and enzymes
* Will never expire
* No antibiotics or fungicides
* NEVER pasteurized which means that nutrients and pollen remain 

Made by Raw Life Farms 

- Good source of Vitamins & Minerals
- Excellent Source of Healthy Energy - Nutritious and Sustaining
- Immune Booster
- Athletic Performance 
- Ulcers
- A sore Throat and Coughs

WildFlower Raw Honey with Honeycomb

$30.00 Regular Price
$25.00Sale Price
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